Greg Pallante - Photographer

As a young man I discovered punk rock. Which for me meant venturing to new cities and connecting with new people. I'd buy 35mm disposable cameras and as we navigated I'd hang them out of the car window and call out to passers by, "Smile!" or "Hey Lady, say cheese!"  and click.  To be fair, a smile was seldom the reaction I'd get but when the film was developed there they were: strangers frozen in moments of confusion. I found this endlessly amusing.  On occasion these characters would appear completely self aware  and unfazed by the juvenile approach. These became the moments I really appreciated. That was the confidence I aspired to and wanted to see reflected. Those are the keepers. In college I took photography as an elective and spent countless nights allowing dark room chemicals to alter my brain activity indefinitely. Eventually I'd be convinced to spend my life in pursuit of preserving those moments. 

Today I'm a commercial photographer based in greater New York City. I  photograph people and tell stories with lifestyle energy. My involvement with rock music has been important in the development of my aesthetic. l travel as much as possible and still love experiencing new cities and landscapes. These days I prefer a conversation to an awkward yelp leading up to a photograph. That is to say, instead of developer and fixer, I get high on creative collaboration and really enjoy the process of bringing ideas to life. Still... as a general rule I roll with the punches.

Clients: Stetson, Citibike, Merrell, Clarks, Verizon, NPR, Nars Cosmetics, GQ, GQ Japan, Billboard, Brooklyn Vegan, The Guardian (UK), Dig BMX.